Rhode Island Certified Public Accounting


Two methods to exchange files with our clients

Muto, Vollucci & Co., Ltd. offers two methods to exchange files with our clients. See below for a description of each:


  • The Portal is a cloud-based application designed for secure, two-way file sharing between our firm and our clients

  • Provides convenient, 24/7 access to files.

  • Allows sharing of files of all sizes, including QuickBooks and other large data files.

  • Clients can download files that are on their portal to any device for personal storage or for sharing with third parties.

  • Files can remain in the Portal for up to 3 years.

  • Utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, an industry standard for securing information transmitted over the web.

Share Safe

  • Share Safe is a quick and easy way to securely exchange files via email.

  • The Share Safe URL and instructions for downloading the file(s) are sent to the email recipient.  A second email is sent with the file access key.

  • File size is limited to 1GB.

  • Allows our firm to share files with third parties, e.g. lending institutions.

  • Files are available on the Share Safe URL for 30 days.