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Accurate and well produced business valuation


Business Valuation

A business valuation may be needed in several circumstances and requires expert knowledge of many business aspects. In order to obtain an accurate and well produced business valuation, you should acquire the services of a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA). Each CVA must go through a rigorous certification process. They must have expertise in many financial aspects including accounting and valuation theory and application.

Situations in which you might need a valuation:

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Divorce settlements

  • Financing

  • Purchase or sale of a business

  • Estate and gift taxes

Condominium Associations

Our staff has extensive experience in dealing with Condominium Associations. We understand how the industry operates and know that each association has different needs. Whether you are large or small, we have the capabilities to sustain your success. We have performed many services for our Condominium Association clients including invoicing, receiving payments and financial statements. We are also willing to be onsite for board meetings. We are one of only a few RI CPA firms that specialize in working with Condominium Associations throughout New England.


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